For the Children’s Sake

From Lucky Bat Books! Selected as a finalist for a Book Award by the East Texas Writer’s Guild! Read about the award here. Father Ingall Bryan, the champion of the Allergen Children who carry a dangerous genetic mutation, is murdered. The priest’s enemies were numerous, from the families harmed by …


  Young Henry was perfect: perfectly average, perfectly normal. Why did he need to be categorized in school? In this dark, dystopian short story, large scale individualized education misfires for the minority who are merely average. Read a preview and purchase Pariah here.

All In Her Head

From Lucky Bat Books! Shy, socially awkward, and new in town, Martha Rowan is still adjusting to her new life in Dallas, Texas, when she stumbles into an attempted car-jacking. Now she’s unwittingly become the target of a killer intent on eliminating witnesses. Faced with continuing attacks, Martha doesn’t know …

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