Island Vibes and Other Stories


The Bad Vibes Removal Services crew returns to solve murders and neutralize unpleasant emotional atmosphere in a second collection of three short stories: Therapeutic Vibes, Repetitive Vibes, and Island Vibes. These stories follow chronologically after the novel “The Walls Can Talk” in the Bad Vibes series.

In “Repetitive Vibes,” Mrs. Hunter, the elderly owner of a stately home overlooking the Colorado River, has a dangerous case that brings surprises for Lea, near death experiences for Kamika, and a big headache for their boss, Montgomery. A teenager’s inability to ask for help is a family character flaw that might cost the Hunter family their lives.

In “Therapeutic Vibes,” a cryotherapy and massage clinic has a room with too much atmosphere thanks to the presence of a deceased client seeking her former therapist. Lea, Kamika, and Montgomery have to help the unfortunate ghost and identify a murderer who may have committed the perfect crime.

While visiting Galveston Island in “Island Vibes,” Lea and Kamika must help Patrick solve an old murder that is hanging over a couple’s quiet island retirement and threatening the life of their dog. A malevolent ghost and the island’s history of deadly hurricanes complicate the investigation.

This trio of short stories is perfect for readers looking for quick, enjoyable mysteries with a paranormal twist.

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