All in Her Head Book Club Questions

  1. Statistically, many people in their mid-twenties are prone to depression, but as a society we don’t handle mental health very well. Do you think the character of Martha handled her mental health issues correctly?
  2. Life changes such as moves, marriages, job changes, births, and deaths in the family are known factors for causing depression. How can we make ourselves more resilient in the face of change?
  3. For centuries people were born and died in the same small communities with family, long term friends and neighbors around them. By those standards, people today have very shallow community roots, frequently moving around the country for employment. How can the lack of deep roots affect an individual and a community?
  4. What positive effects can come from our society’s mobility?
  5. Many people associate post traumatic stress with combat veterans, but others may also experience this sort of stress. Studies have found post traumatic stress in parents whose children were born prematurely and spent time in the NICU. Have you or someone you know ever had flashbacks to a traumatic event, for example a car accident or a medical emergency?
  6. If a family member betrayed you, tried to harm you, stole from you, would you visit that person in jail? Would you help find a lawyer? Could you forgive them?
  7. Discuss introverted versus extroverted people. Introverts find going out into crowds or parties requires an output of energy that can be exhausting. Extroverts are energized by being in crowds and talking to people. Which are you?
  8. Do you think you would like to have Daniel’s special skill? Or would it be too difficult?
  9. Have you ever tried food from different South American countries? Which countries?
  10. The Holliczek family has blended together different cultures into one household which can be seen in their language, customs, foods, and household items. Have you or someone you know done this? Did you or your friend find this to be easy or hard? If you haven’t done this, do you think you could? What would be hard for you to adapt to? What would be easy?
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