Degrees of Deceit

The Bad Vibes Removal Services crew is back in a sequel to The Walls Can Talk!

A college prankster is making life hellish for the freshmen residents of Dellonmarsh Dorm on a University of Texas campus. The sleep-deprived students are spooked by the time Montgomery Investigations arrives on the scene to track down the prank-playing vandal who comes and goes like a ghost. Rumors say a benevolent ghost haunts the residence hall, but these treacherous tricks are anything but benevolent. As the pranks escalate from obnoxious noises in the night to poisons and more dangerous threats, investigators Lea, Kamika, and their boss, Montgomery, work to identify a perpetrator who lurks in the shadows.

Meanwhile, as Lea approaches the end of her master’s degree program, she struggles with the fallout from accusing her thesis advisor, the well-liked Dr. Mortimer Richardson, of stealing her work and publishing it as his own. His supporters claim she’s lying and don’t mind doing whatever it takes to make her life miserable.

With Kamika (maybe) starting a business and Lea (hopefully) finishing her master’s degree, will this be the end of their partnership at Bad Vibes Removal Services? Could the investigation in the dorm be their last case together? And can they catch the culprit before disaster strikes?

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