The Wrong Side of History

My short crime story set in the future entitled “The Wrong Side of History” came out in the October 2021 issue of After Dinner Conversation.

After Dinner Conversation is a magazine that prints short stories that provoke deeper ethical and philosophical discussions. The magazine will provide discussion questions to help promote conversation.

The story also appears in the After Dinner Conversation anthology entitled Season Five. The editors discussed it in a podcast here: Wrong Side of History Podcast.

What’s it about?

A 130-year-old politician living in a post-apocalyptic world is being blackmailed over his past political stances. Will the blackmailer succeed in destroying his legacy or will the fixer he hired save his reputation?

After Dinner Conversation Magazine (October, 2021): Philosophy | Ethics Short Story Magazine by [Saba Waheed, Darcy L. Wood, Harman Burgess, L. A. Shortliffe, N. M. Cedeño, Dean Gessie, Debbie Zubrick Romani]
October 2021 After Dinner Conversation
Season Five of After Dinner Conversation
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