Arson Vibes and Other Tales

The team from Bad Vibes Removal Services is back in six new short paranormal mysteries featuring murder, theft, arson, and ghosts in towns across Texas!

Quirky historian Lea, who loves to try hairstyles from ancient civilizations and has always been able to see ghosts, enjoys working with her friend and coworker Kamika, a talented interior designer, for Bad Vibes Removal Services. Their boss, the private investigator and inventor, Montgomery, oversees and manages the otherworldly investigations into murder, creepy rooms, and ghostly happenings that clients bring to his two companies, Montgomery Investigations and Bad Vibes Removal Services. Along with investigator Patrick Garcia, Montgomery’s team works to solve cases no one else can handle.

This third short story collection in the Bad Vibes Removal Services series picks up where the novel Degrees of Deceit left off. We find Lea, Kamika, Patrick, and Montgomery continuing their work for Montgomery Investigations and Bad Vibes Removal Services, solving more murders and resolving paranormal problems.

The collection includes the linked stories, Texas Frontier Vibes and Museum Vibes, in which the ghost of a particularly difficult 19th Century aristocratic matriarch both contributes to the problem and helps provide the solution to the paranormal situation at hand.

Stories Included:
Victorian Vibes
Feline Vibes
Texas Frontier Vibes
Space Shuttle Vibes
Museum Vibes
Arson Vibes

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